I’ve Never Been Poor

Being Poor is a sobering list of items that people may identify with if they’ve had little money. This one struck me:

Being poor is a six-hour wait in an emergency room with a sick child asleep on your lap.

I remember when we had to take our one year old daughter to the Emergency Room, and although the doctors looked at her right away, they didn’t know what was wrong, so they had to stick needles into her, taking blood and other samples, with my daughter crying with pain at something no one knew what to do about. It’s agonizing when you can do little to ease the pain of someone you’d give your life for.

(via MyMoneyBlog)

Update (Sep. 12, 2005): Sedition wrote an excellent post about this, commenting on each item in the list. I should’ve thought of doing that.

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  1. I just had a medical situation with my 5 year old…I have lived in various parts of this country and a six hour wait while not ideal..man at least my kid was seen and treatment started…and hey after two weeks in the hospital …. I am not now forced to sell what reamainting organs i have of value to pay for his care….and jody I have no idea how parents of critically or termainlly ill children hold up….henry had arms that looked like a herion addict…and there were many moments when he would be screaming at us questioning why we were letting these people hurt him….yik…any way I am just glad we had access to care….because had we been in other parts of north america…we may not have had the means to afford the treatment he was given.

  2. jody i just thought of some being poor from my other life…

    exchanging the ketcup bottles at the harveys in downtown dartmoth with empty ones and useing the ketchup to make a watered down tomato soup…

    eating chicken weiners and no brand chips cause it was under five dollars and it would “feed” you for a day or two…

    granted these were during university and there was the perhaps irrational but nonetheless powerful hope that things would get better…

  3. jody i just read the update…great..I drive a 1986 jetta book valued at 300 – 1200 and love it…stephanie sleeps on a lumpy futon…i am always waiting for someone to invite me out for supper…my “house” has a rodent problem….the cops and firedepartmet have police taped our home on at least one ocassion..herion addicts shoot up in “my” bathroom, recently a body was found in river next to my “house”…i have a tv but no cable of any kind…many believe that this means no tv…

    yet i tell any one who inquires that man I live like a king compared to my parents…the sedition post was bang on…ohh and my sugarmamma makes just slighty more than you which I echo your response that I can not believe we have such an income….

  4. I should’ve thought of doing that.

    You probably didn’t because you’re smarter than I and have better things to do at midnight on Sunday. I realized I saw it here before seeing it over at Eric’s place so I just amended the post.

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