I’ve Never Owned An Apple Product

apple logoI have nothing against Apple, the computer company that has a cult-like following, but I’ve never owned any of their products: iPod, Mac, iPhone

They come out with gadgets that a lot of people think they must have, like the new MacBook Air, which is being promoted as the world’s thinnest notebook. So what?

I’m not defending the PC and Windows world; I just don’t see the attraction of products that cost a lot more than similar products; it seems you’re just buying the brand, which, of course, is part of the appeal to many buyers. Not me – for any brand of product, except scotch.

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  1. I’m THIS close to banning Steve. :)

    I played with a co-workers Apple laptop recently; it had cool functions: running XP and the Apple OS at the same time, sharing documents between the two, which was cool. I heard that Apple’s known for their good UI designs, making their products easier to use and manage than most Window counterparts.

  2. I always kid Mac users saying things like, ‘The only Mac users I know are gay. So, what’s your story?’ When I was in college, the only Mac users I knew, also happened to be gay and were adamant that the Mac was the best thing since sliced bread.

    I am with Jody, I can’t over pay for something just because of the name.

  3. Unix at the core, ease of use, and total cost of ownership make the Mac a better deal.

    I still use one mac from ’86, and another from ’01, a laptop from ’02, and a mini from ’07, for one purpose or another, and never had to do a repair or fix a virus on any of them.

  4. Yeah, John, I’ve heard that before, but I’ve had the same experience with PCs. I don’t want to get in a PC vs Apple war, though; I need to try a Mac to see what the fuss is about.

  5. I have an ipod that I use for work. It was bought for me. It works fine – no better or worse than my sansa, which was and is a helleva lot cheaper and without all the DRM garbage.

    I have never used a Mac. However, in the education field and the subjects in which I teach they are the dominant platform. I need a new laptop and I have looked into the Mac. Two issues I can’t get past 1) the price 2) I don’t want to learn something new.

    I still may buy one but, but just like the ipod, I am not yet convinced it will be better or worse than PC.

  6. When it comes to music players…. I’ve owned a few different varieties, as has my son, but the iPod is, by far, the superior of the ones I’ve seen. My son has the iPod touch and an 30Gb video iPod and I have one of the little mini clip-on ones. The sound quality, operation, reliability… everything… is better.

    That said, I probably won’t be buying a Mac until the price comes down and/or they are more entrenched in the market.

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