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  1. Lots of games on it, and apps too! That’s all I give a crap about. I think it also plays music so when you’re driving you don’t have to listen to those assholes in other cars honking and shaking their fists at you.

  2. I have one and I like it very well (first gen, no less, which has a glaring design flaw: no external volume control). Despite the small screen, web-browsing on it is quite satisfying and makes me want an iPad to have more screen real estate.

    The advertised battery life (20ish hours?) for music is only valid if the screen is off. I use it at work every day with full-sized headphones and it makes me happy.

  3. Is that another name for an iPhone? Everyone I know who has one loves it because it’s a phone and all kinds of other crap, and an MP3 player. But they never leave the damn things alone. I could have someone with an iPhone over for supper or games, and they’ll be tapping away at something on their iPhone every 10 minutes. They don’t realize it, but their iPhones have turned them into jerks.

  4. I’m a dedicated open source user, but I bit the bullet a couple of months ago and bought an iPod Touch. I’m not happy with how closed it is, but I really like the way everything works, and the sheer elegance of the thing. Fits in the hand nice, does everything it’s supposed to do. I’m impressed!

  5. If you happen to need (want) a cell phone too, then get the iPhone instead. I call mine my iPad nano.

    Phil… those people were probably already jerks.

  6. Dude, go for it. The iPod Touch is a great device. The video feature is especially nice, the sound quality is great. Lots of storage and great for listening to audio books and podcasts (of which there’s a ton of interesting ones out there).

    I just bought a Sony Reader yesterday ($280.00), great device for reading eBooks. :) Really pleased.

  7. I don’t use an mp3 player now nor do I want a cell phone. I don’t have any portable devices except my USB keychain.

    A buddy of mine has an iTouch. He emailed me:

    I have the 32 gig iTouch. I use it for just about everything. I have my schedule on it (which isn’t too difficult because I work Monday to Friday 08:00 to 16:00), all of my appointments, training initiatives, music, videos, pictures, etc. I’ll start storing Word docs on it soon. I actually use it quite a bit.

    This would be my first iGadget – first portable electronic device besides a watch, and I don’t really need it: I don’t travel anymore and nor need a “virtual” office.

    I just wanna try one. Be part of the “in” crowd and all that.


    • Refurbished iTouchs are only ~$20 less than retail – retail being those at Futureshop, etc.

      The gift certificate was spent LONG ago. I think I bought my camera with it.

  8. The more you talk about it and the more people promote it, the less I want it. I just envision people from toronto (the cultural black hole of canada, despite its self thinking that it’s the cultural CAPITAL of the country, which is hilarious) saying “you GOTTA buy into the media hype dood, it’s the IN thing to do!”

    I do want an mp3 player for the car, so I don’t have to burn cd’s. That’s all I envision I’d ever want it for. I wouldn’t use it at the gym cause I use sound when I’m working out, and shitheads playing with their gadgets at the gym, standing right in my way, completely oblivious that they’re standing right in the way, makes me roid rage. So I don’t want to be one of these tards. Other than that I’m at work or playing video games, or actually DOING something. At work I can listen to music already cause it’s basically just an overpowered mp3 player. It just sounds like something else that costs lots of money and just gives a shallow user experience. I can remember 1 or 2 appointments a month perfectly fine without one.

    If I’m traveling somewhere or waiting, I can read a magazine or a book, and do enjoy doing so. I don’t envision a need to bother people with people family pictures on my ipod touch if I’m out and about, that’s what the intrusive facebook is for.

    I dunno, nobody’s said anything to convince me yet that I should throw out money for this. All I read is “you should get it…. just because!”.

  9. I don’t travel anymore…

    What does that mean? You don’t drive to Frankville anymore?

    Does that thing have a GPS? I can see that coming in handy for travelling. Too bad you can’t just rent one for a week and test it out.

  10. not sure I follow everything here…the only application I use with the computer is the Itouch…but I do not understand why the technical reference …seems kinda hands on to me…just love those russian accents….

  11. I think I’ll set aside some money every week to save for one in September when the 4th generation iPod Touch is released. That’ll give me time to think this stupid decision over.

  12. Before I got mine, I thought I knew everything I’d use it for. Surprise! There were a whole bunch of other things I discovered since then. At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, it goes just about anywhere I go, and does for me way more than I had anticipated.
    I must admit, I’ve always been crazy for gadgets, so your mileage may vary.

  13. The 8gb iPod Touch at Costco is the same damn price as any other retail place. I emailed Costco with a complaint about it today:

    I’ve been shopping for an Apple iPod Touch (8gb) and was surprised to discover that Costco’s price (in Moncton, NB) was the same as regularly retailers (eg. Futureshop).

    One of the advantages I hoped from being a Costco member was getting “the best possible price”, as Costco advertises. It makes me question the prices of other products at Costco now – something I took for granted by being a Costco member.

    I exagerated the “took for granted” part, but what the fuck – I DO expect all fucking prices to be lower there.

  14. My wife bought my 32GB Touch at WalMart. It was about three dollars cheaper I think (all the stores were close), but their return policy was much more lenient. The protective case I asked her to pick up for me at the same time was way less money than anywhere else.

  15. DonL almost has me sold on it, although I’ve been looking into its competition, mainly from Archos.

    Why would one need 32gb? For video and music? I don’t have an mp3 player now, so I doubt I have a need for that type of use.

  16. I got the 8gb iPod Touch for Father’s Day.

    It’s a neat device. It was WiFi, meaning it picks up wireless internet connections, prompting you for connection password if applicable.

    It has build-in browser and similar applications (email, etc). I can easily access my gmail with it.

    Using iTunes you can upload photos, videos, music, and applications, including games. I downloaded a free WordPress application that allows me to post to the blog.

    The portion of iTunes that shows you what to sync between your computer and the iPod Touch could use improvements: you can select individual items easily – only their parent folders – this is for music and photos.

    The iPod Touch interface took me a few minutes to get the hang of – you just touch the screen in various ways: pinch to zoom in or out, holding down and moving for dragging, and the software-based keyboard isn’t friendly to fat fingers.

    The device thinks I’m in Ottawa too; I don’t know how to change that.

    I like it so far because it’s neat. The novelty may wear off though.

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