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3 hands shakingSteel White Table and J-Walk Blog are pleased to announce the start of a new era in blogging: J-Walk has purchased Steel White Table; all future Steel White Table posts will appear on J-Walk’s blog, which will be now known as J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog (JSWT).

Thank you for your patronage and see you at J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog!

Questions And Answers

  • How will I know if J-Walk, Jody, or Phillip is the author of a post?
    You won’t. Everything will LOOK like it comes from J-Walk, but two-thirds of the time it’ll be from us.
  • What were the terms of the purchase of Steel White Table? SWT seems to be getting the better deal.
    One word: Bacon. No, two words: Canadian bacon.
  • I haven’t seen an announcement on J-Walk’s site about it.
    Oh, you will. He’s probably still in bed.
    It’s announced!
  • Will Steel White Table continue their posts?
    Yes! But on the new and improved J-Walk’s Steel White Table blog. This is the last post to appear on Steel White Table’s own domain.

Further questions can be posted in the comments section, where J-Walk or Steel White Table will answer them accordingly.

10 Replies to “J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog”

  1. In deference to this momentous occassion all future comments by me will be grammatically correct with all spelling and puncuation corrected to an unyeilding standard. Futhermore an attempt at intelligence will also be made in regards to comment contents will be undertaken.

    All hail the new era in blogging.

  2. I’ve been pushing Jody to make this move for months. I said, “We don’t have anything to blog about, anyway, so why not just close it down or sell it off to someone who has a chance of making something of it?” When J-Walk’s bacon offer came in — I mean, when his Canadian bacon offer came in — well, damn, that was better than a cash buy-out! The details of the deal are confidential. J-Walk’s lawyers said something about potential defamation — or something. At any rate, I think we’re getting a good deal. And J-Walk gets a new name for a his blog: J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog, or as the kids are sure to call it: The JWSWTB! It’s a new era in blogging, no doubt about it, sure to cause ripples all throughout the blogosphere. I, for one, am glad to be done with Steel White Table. That blog sucked.

  3. Does that mean Steel White Table’s offer to merge with Oh Me Nerves is off? I thought we gonna call it Oh Me Steel White Nerves?

    I crushed. I thought you were a friend.

  4. It’s about time! I’m just waiting for the announcement that Whole Wheat Radio will be buying out both you and J-Walk.

  5. Day 1 and there have already been some disputes about “revenue” on J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog. This does not bode well. We’ll keep you posted.

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