Jean de Florette / Manon of the Spring

Jean de Florette was originally 4 hours long. Instead of cutting essential scenes, the director, Claude Berri, split off the second half and called it Manon of the Spring (a.k.a. Jean de Florette – Part 2). But he didn’t have to. Anyone who watches the first part of the story will want to go on to the second part immediately. Fans of Cinema Paradiso or Antonia’s Line will love it. I can’t say much more without giving it away, but it is a gorgeous film, full of engaging characters and a story that builds in its intensity and doesn’t let up until the very last scene. I wanted to go back to the beginning and watch it all over again as soon as it was finished. (Read the reviews I’ve linked to if you want to know the story, but don’t read too much. It’s best to go in just knowing you’re going to see a wonderful film.)

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  1. We were at a cocktail party in Dallas on Saturday and one topic of conversation was “favorite foreign films”. These movies were #3 (I always speak of them together) on my list behind “Fannie and Alexander” and “Pele the Conqueror”.

    These two movies (Jean/Manon) are so sensuously satisfying that after watching them you feel as though you’ve just eaten. The first time I watched them (back to back) I was obsessed for days.

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