Jim and Esther Withdrawal

For the past two or three weeks, Jim (THE internet inventor) and Esther, the operators of Whole Wheat Radio, were on vacation. I found I didn’t tune in as much when they were gone; I missed:

  • Jim’s spontaneous opinionated interjections
  • Esther’s patient tolerance of Jim’s spontaneous opinionated interjections
  • Jim’s patient tolerance of Esther’s lack of computer knowledge
  • Esther pseudo-apologetic ignorance of what Jim’s talking about
  • Jim’s yelling to Esther in the other room asking if she wants to go out for a coffee he shouldn’t have because he’s already had one and is wired enough to give the Tasmanian Devil a run for his money
  • Esther convincing Jim to play the guitar with her and Jim belts out “Kum By Ya, My Lord!”
  • Jim’s reviews of: web sites, blog entries, news events, Talkeenta Natural Foods’ coffee, independent musicians, the lint between his toes, the weather, etc.

Happy to hear your live voices again, Jim and Esther.

3 Replies to “Jim and Esther Withdrawal”

  1. Wow – thanks for the nice review. Seriously – I generally have no idea why people like listening. We were sitting in a coffeehouse in Mt. Shasta, California where having WWR playing would have made sense. I tried to imagine the patrons’ reaction to Esther and I vs. the music. I know they would like the music but couldn’t get a handle on whether they would be embarrassed by the banter or not. Little writeups like yours, Sol’s and J-Walk’s go a long way to helping me understand where Esther and I fit in relation to the music. Thank you.

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