Jim, The Songwriter

Free Speech caution signJim’s Big Ego isn’t the Jim we all know and love, although I DID have to verify that.

Jim’s Big Ego is an inventive trio from the hub of Boston based around the genius of songwriter, poet and WI-FI cafe lurker Jim Infantino. The band creates a sound that can best be described as “UnPop” – not your ordinary top 40 stuff, but infectious, intelligent pop songs that alternate between unabashedly hilarious and unpretentiously moving.

They’re great songwriters with a political, but funny stance.

Their In case it’s still not clear where we stand… article showcases their song WTFMFWTFAYT:

…it contains FREE SPEECH and DIRTY WORDS – BE WARNED – if you are offended by these things or are too young – DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS SONG. All the rest of yall – have fun with it. I was heartfelt and cathartic and I like the result.

Cautionary Tale is another great song but this one is showcased as a “phototrope” project.

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