Jobs That Will Be In Demand

The 10 fastest-growing jobs:

  1. Network systems and data communications analyst
  2. Physician assistant
  3. Computer software engineer, applications
  4. Computer software engineer, systems software
  5. Network and computer systems administrator
  6. Database administrator
  7. Physical therapist
  8. Medical scientist
  9. Occupational therapist
  10. College instructor

Most of them are IT or medicine related. I’m surprised they predict that IT positions will be in demand for that long; there seems to be a glut in that area now. I would’ve guessed plumbing and other trades to be more popular.

2 Replies to “Jobs That Will Be In Demand”

  1. That title should read “Jobs That Will Be In Demand… In India.”

    Pretty soon everything from psychiatrists to your local car dealer will be outsourced to India. You watch and see.

    One day you will be driving thru a McDonalds drive-thru and someone in India will be taking your order. No one will really work at the store, it will all be machines and a call center in India.

  2. i look forward to the day when my fast food is not handled by 3 different strangers who haven’t washed their hands in days.

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