Johnny Depp the Lizard

  Jenny and I saw the CGI animal western, Rango, in a theatre on Friday, and like everyone else in the audience, we didn’t laugh. (And I don’t think most of the kids there got into it.) The quality of the animation gives Pixar a run for its money. But the difference is in the storyline. Most Pixar movies are engaging from the start. “Rango” never rises above being clever and amusing.

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    • I’m not around kids enough to know how well kids would like most movies, but the theatre was full of kids of all ages with their parents, and I didn’t hear a single reaction from any of them. They did stay in their seats though.

      I saw Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” in a theatre when it came out. Something happens to one of the characters within minutes of the opening scene. I remember a little kid behind me asking his mother then, “Mom, what happened to [Character’s Name]?” That’s what Pixar does better than anyone. They establish character almost instantly. The audience is enchanted or involved right away. “Rango” doesn’t have the same pull. Characters in “Rango” seem to exist just so they can be killed off in amusing ways. It’s a different kind of movie.

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