Joke Of The Year

It’s 3:30 AM. This dentist, overburdened during his regular office hours, is working on into the wee hours readying some molds. Suddenly, there is a whanging and banging and clanging and screaming at his door. Bang bang bam bang! And a man’s voice: “Doc, ya gotta help me! Doc, please open up, open the door, Doc, c’mon this is an emergency, PUH-LEEZ Doc, help me!!!”

So the dentist goes to the door, looks through the peephole, sees the guy ain’t a thug or carrying a knife, just a guy who is clearly upset and distraught. So the dentist opens the door enough to talk to th hysterical guy, and the guy launches into the “You gotta help me, Doc, it’s an emergency, please please help me!” And the dentist says, “What’s wrong, what’s the emrgency?” And the hysterical guy says, “I need ya to help me, Doc: I think I’m a moth!”

“A what?”

“A moth!”

“You think you’re a moth?”

“Yeah, that’s it, you got it, a moth!”

And the dentist says, “Well what the hell are you coming to me for? You need a psychiatrist! What brings you to my office at 3:30 in the morning?”

“Your light was on.”

(“Joke of the year” because I only post one joke a year.)

(via Harlan Ellison)

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