Julian from the Trailer Park Boys

While returning some movies to the video store today, Jenny and I saw the guy who plays Julian on The Trailer Park Boys (you know, the guy who always has a drink in his hand). The second I saw him, I started to laugh because he looked exactly like he does on the show: the same facial expression, the same black t-shirt and puffed up chest, everything. Jenny was star-struck, which made it even funnier.Julia - Trailer Park Boys

Jenny said: “At first I couldn’t figure out who it was, and I was trying to remember his name to avoid one of those awkward moments when you’re talking to someone but have no idea who they are. Then he noticed me staring at him, and I suddenly realized it was Julian from The Trailer Park Boys. And I kept staring because it seemed so bizarre to see him walking out of our video store. Phillip couldn’t stop laughing… Next I want to meet William Shatner.”

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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at mudsongs.org.

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  1. I saw cyrus at the GNC a couple of months ago, then I saw him working at some store in highfield square one day. I don’t know if it was a promotion or something, but it looked like it was a bridal shop. I laughed cause he has hockey hair now.

  2. An email from Scott related to this (names edited to protect the guilty):

    Yeah, I knew Mike [Clattenburg – the creator of Trailer Park Boys]. He is a great drummer in fact, always into the Police and cool stuff like that.

    He co-created the Trailer Park Boys, and writes/produces it with some others. The two main guys on the show were/are buddies of Mike, but I only knew of them, and didn’t know them. JP Trembley is a writer and acts on the show, I knew him by name, but I didn’t hang out with Mike, so I didn’t know his friends. They were a year older than me, maybe two, so they should have been in your grade.

    Clattenburg hung out with Sue’s brother Dave all the time, so I used to see him there sometimes, and Sue knows him really well. I went to see his band(s) play a few times away back when. If was well after I left Cole Harbour that he got into film making/TV.

    I remember that he made a short film called “Going to the beer store”, which got him some award and tons of praise/hype which he used to get his foot in the door and eventually get the Trailer Park Boys show up and running.

    I’ve watched the show, and sometimes it’s pretty funny. Some of the stuff in it goes back to jokes/comedy that those guys were up to in highschool. For instance, there is a character named “Bubbles”, well in Jr high/high school we used to call this guy “Bubbles”, and he looks like the character in the show, with red hair and thick glasses. I sometimes wonder if the real bubbles would ever take legal action against the show, but of course how can he, it’s not his real name, it’s what we called him, and in the show they make him a cool guy, so they make him look better than he was in school. I can’t remember his first name, but he had a younger brother who was in my grade Tommy? Anyway, I don’t know how to spell it, I think his first name was Gary, or Greg for some reason.

    I’m sure you would remember Bubbles, in Jr High, you and I and Paul would hang out in a particular corner, and he and some other nerds hung out in a nearby corner and we used to make fun of them, and they would make fun of us. Tommy was like almost a sworn enemy of mine, if ever there was one. (not sure how that developed?) One time I was drinking a mini-sip (juice bag with sharp straw used to puncture bag), and as Tommy walked by me in the hall, he grabbed the bag and squeezed all the juice out, but it actually knocked the straw out of my mouth and into my nose, squirting all the juice up my nose, and giving me a nosebleed at the same time. He loved that little extra! To get him back, I bought a bag of cheesies and crushed them up and poured the powder on his head from the balcony of the lobby to the school.

    I remember so little about Jr High (or last week) but I remember crap like this. You were there when all this happened as well, do you remember any of it?

    Do you remember the time Mike put a condom in Bobby’s sandwich?

  3. I remember the real “Bubbles,” but had no idea anyone called him Bubbles. His mother was the head of my Cub troup or pack or whatever the hell they called all that Scouts stuff. I was in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and hated all of it. I don’t like large groups. Anyway, I think Bubbles’s mother tried to make him the leader of a “squad” of Cubs, but he lasted about 2 weeks because no one would listen to him.

  4. Man were you guys living in the same Cole Harbour I was in…geeez I can’t remeber anything, the pictures phil posted were spooky enough…anyway to jump in on the name dropping, I knew so and so….I’ve been bugging Christene M cause I think she went out with Clattenburg, didnt he hang out with Glen M…hey remember Cable 10 the old guy bill who would drone on and on, on camera and doodle continously on his note pad. Yeah my geekly mispent youth watching community cable….I think mike volunteered there thats what got me reminising about bill….

  5. Yup – the Blockbuster on Queen was across from the Sobey’s, where I ran into Greg Thomey twice while I lived in the Fax. (I lived around the corner from there.)

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