Just Another Day

I normally don’t give a fuck about my birthday; I’m not one to care about celebrating it or receiving gifts; however, this year’s birthday is beginning to turn into an event: emails from relatives I normally never hear from, a party with balloons and streamers (for the kids more than anyone), lots of gifts…

phillip, jody, and dad

Turning 40 years old wasn’t that big a deal to me until others started making it a big deal!

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  1. Nice post.. I’m in the same boat, (35 yrs and my birthday was on the 13th). So; a.) obligatory happy birthday, b.) excellent blog, love the posts, pray please continue them and c.) great pic, I’m also a fellow ex-scout. Were yours also a madhouse of drunken capture-the-flag sessions mixed liberally with adolescent campfire arsonist experiences? :)

  2. oiy…wish I was in that scout group…I think ours was run by military wanneebees and ex cathloic priests….”camping cuddling and keeping secrets…”

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