K-Tel Records

K-tel record coverK-Tel Classics, a collection of record covers produced by K-Tel (yeah, they’re still in business). From Super70s.com:

Between 1971 and 1985, K-Tel International blessed us with inexpensive records filled to the brim with the best music they could license. Well, that’s one way to put it.

I’m afraid to admit how many of their records I once owned.

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  1. i thought k-tel was great, first record i owned k-tel for Christmas,
    but i really would love to know the titles of the ones from the late sixties, just can’t find them, like the one that had sugar & spice singing “cruel war” on canadian version anyway, if anyone can help me would be great, thanks

  2. I was the manager of the Sugar & Spice.

    BEFORE there was K-Tel, the Kevis brothers (Phil & Ted) had “Syndicate Records”. They only produced two albums before switching the name to K-Tel.

    Our recording of “Cruel War” was on Syndicate Records; the album was called “24 Power Hits”

  3. rekounas wrote: “Really?”

    Am I supposed to respond to this? I do not understand your question/remark.

  4. I never understood why people would be “afraid to admit” that they owned K-Tel records. They used the original recordings and just compiled albums of the good or mostly good songs.

    For me, K-Tel records were a boon. Rather than buy ten albums to get one song apiece. I could simply buy one album with ten songs that I wanted.

    The format continues today. My daughter buys a series of albums (yes, a CD is an album) entitled something like “Now that’s what I call. . . ”

    The albums that were the pits were the ones featuring the hits as recorded by “The Realistics” or “The Soundalikes.”

  5. Hey! I loved the disco era. Guys wore suits. Women wore spandex. You could dance to the music and the worst disease that you could catch could be cured with penicillin.

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