Kids Telling Jokes

Caitlyn in the fall, 2005My 4 year old daughter learned knock-knock jokes about a year ago, a never-ending source of entertainment for her; she loves to make them up:

Who’s there?
Bath who?
Bath me because it’s almost bed time!

And we both crack up whether it’s funny or not.

Today she told me a regular joke for the first time:

What do you call a sleeping gorilla?
I don’t know. What do you call a sleeping gorilla?
A sleeping gorilla!

“I joked ya, Dad!”, she says as we both start laughing.

4 Replies to “Kids Telling Jokes”

  1. Alexander’s favourite joke is:

    Why did the elephant cross the road?
    I don’t know why?
    Because he was stapled to the chicken!

    He starts laughing so hard that he almost pisses himself.

  2. One of my favourite knock-knock jokes of all time. Start out by telling the other guy to say “knock knock”. They ALWAYS do what you say…. Here’s how it goes:

    You: “I know a good knock knock joke… wanna hear it?”
    Other guy: “Sure”
    You: “Ok… you start, say ‘knock knock’.”
    Other guy: “Knock knock”
    You: “Who’s there?”
    Other guy: “??”

    It’s hilarious! Try it. Fun for the whole family!

  3. here some from the boy age.. five years..

    what fruit do ghosts eat?…Boo berries

    why did the shark brush its teeth? SO they would look sharp

    from the other boy age…38

    how do you know when to go to bed at micheal jacksons house? when the big hand is on the little hand…eeeeshh,,,

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