Lack Of Updates

I haven’t posted a lot lately nor updated SWT’s look because I’ve been busy…

  • Riding my motorcycle.
  • Spending time with my family.
  • Doing small house projects, like building a deck.

Also, my interest in this is wanning; I think I just need a break.

11 Replies to “Lack Of Updates”

  1. I never thought I’d become the main contributor to this blog. That doesn’t change what I think about blogs, though, that they’re a waste of time. Most bloggers (readers and writers of them) would be better off outside riding their bikes, going “up the tracks,” spending time with their families, doing small house projects like building a deck. (Jesus, Jody, you’re buidling a deck?)

    I think you should consider shutting down this blog altogether. Just get rid of it. I would.

  2. To see what it feels like. Shutting it down could be a good thing. I don’t think anyone will miss out on anything important if this blog disappears. More importantly, neither will you.

  3. Shutting it down is drastic and I have no reason to. I don’t feel compelled to update it; keeping it up doesn’t gnaw at any feelings of neglect towards the site.

    And I’m not saying I won’t be updating soon, just that I’ve been busy doing other things.

  4. That’s the thing. What’s so drastic about shutting it down? I’d never think in terms of ‘drastic’ when it comes to this blog, or any blog.

  5. It’s drastic because there’s no reason to shut it down. If you don’t want to see it, just don’t visit it. It seems like its presence is bugging you more than me.

  6. It’s not bugging me. My point is that this blog is — and always has been — mostly a waste of time. If I had kids, a garden in my backyard, a motorcycle and more worthwhile things I could be doing, the last thing I’d care about is a blog. Wouldn’t matter if it was summer or the middle of winter. I think you have plenty of reasons to get rid of it, always have.

  7. Yeah, why take it down? Then there’s just no place to write things when you feel compelled to.

    Plus he actually has to work at work now, so he can’t spend as much time infestigating neat things to post about, as much.

    I think it would be drastic if I took my blog down.. Plus my girlfriend would kill me!

  8. yah ride ride ride…..who cares about a blog…ride with family, ride ride ride, work a little bit so you can ride ride ride……

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