Leaving Cuba

Ever wonder what it’s like to leave for your plane at the airport in Varadero, Cuba? No? Well, here it is anyway just to show anyone thinking of going what’s it’s like (nothing too traumatic):

Arriving in Varadero at night was more disorienting. We got off the plane and stood there on the runway not knowing what to do. We eventually got shuttled into the airport and waited to go through customs. Everyone there wore a military uniform of some sort and nobody was friendly. All I could think was, “Man, I don’t want miss that bus to the resort.” We were told a representative from the resort would meet us at the door, but we didn’t find anyone and so we just followed the crowd under the assumption they knew better than us. Luckily they did. We were glad to get on the bus where I took this photo:

Our arrival at the Sirenis la Salina resort was also a bit blunt. As unseasoned travellers, we felt like cattle from the time we got off the plane until we got into our room at the resort. The unlimited booze helped.

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