Leaving Your Kids In The Care Of Strangers

I dropped my 4½ year old daughter, Caitlyn, off at pre-school today for the first time. My wife has always done it, so I didn’t give it much thought before now: I’m leaving my kid with strangers who don’t know she eats tomatoes like apples; she has to have sea salt on her sliced cucumbers; her first fish, Fishy Fish, died after six months and is now fertilizing our garden, which she thinks is “awesome”; can name all the planets, thanks to that Blue’s Clues tune (The sun’s a hot star, and mercury’s hot too…); loves going to my “church“; loves to watch MythBusters with me (Adam sure is silly, Dad)…

I didn’t know where the classroom was in the school, so Caitlyn led me around, taking her shoes off outside the room, digging for her sneakers in a box full of tiny kids’ sneakers, hanging her coat up on the little hanger, then running into the room without giving me a second glance.

No response.
She looks my way, wondering at the annoyance that’s calling her name.
“What Dad?”
“I’m going.”
“Okay. Bye.”
“C’mere and give me a hug or something before I start crying.”
“Don’t cry, Dad”, she says as she runs over to me. “You won’t miss me because I’ll see you again after school.”


3 Replies to “Leaving Your Kids In The Care Of Strangers”

  1. Only a parent can read this and truly understand it. Think how painful it would be if you had to leave her there (no other choice) and she was crying and begging you not to leave her there… You are fortunate she enjoys it.

    Also, it sounds like you are doing something right.

  2. Are you calling me ignorant?! You’re offending me with every post you make! Grrr grrrrr grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

    Awww.. Look at that face, I can’t stay mad at you..

  3. Man I can not wait to drop mine off at school…WOO HOO…government sponsered daycare…

    As you know jody I have been on the other side of this experience…I longingly remenise of the fear and confusion I would see in the parents eyes.. as I explained to them that I was the kindegarten teacher today…and tommorrow..just give me your childrenn Ha ha ha…yes leave them with meee….

    I remember a mom who walked around me at the door, into the classroom and then out again…and once informed of who i was … I think contemplated taking her kid home….Yeah..you think I am going to leave my kid with a 240 lb gorilla that is named Mr.Pink….kids loved it…a guy for a teacher…and the name was dead easy..

    I get nostalgic if I go into schools its that musty school smell does it everytime…

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