Lee Majors Is The Six Million Dollar Man

A nostalgic article for me from CBC: Lee Majors dishes on Six Million Dollar Man role.

CBCNews.ca: You’d have to star in [a new Six Million Dollar Man movie].

Majors: Nope. I would do the Oscar Goldman part. I want to sit there in the office and point my finger and say, “Steve, go get ’em.”

Phillip and I had the Six Million Dollar Man action figure – got em for Christmas. Best Christmas ever!

Lee Majors is 72. Holy crap.

6 Replies to “Lee Majors Is The Six Million Dollar Man”

  1. the bigfoot episode….classic….dunnnnnngginnngggg….dunnnngggginng……cue the slow motion steve running to confront the hairy beast…

  2. Cool I just went to read the artilcle and low and behold the bigfoot fight….man everytime I went in the woods I thought bigfoot or monkeys with guns were going to get me…ahhh the joy of growing up with seventies television…oh and the priests…its a maritime thing… oin..titihng aehghtt jst

  3. I just read and commented on your post about this on G+. I guess the really golden stuff makes it to SWT too.

    I would love to see a Six Million Dollar Man movie. They’d probably have to call it The Bionic Man instead. I mean, really, six million dollars, what’s that? Chump change. He’s look like something I made in my garage, if I had a garage.

  4. where are you fellas now….hey where did everybody go….oh man….well if I am here all alone might as well strip down to the under wear and get comfortable…scratch scratch….

    I have three events tomorrow for the popcorn…two are just tables with prepopped product, market and a rodeo and I am off to the Creemore copper kettle festival…then race home..unload trailer and truck and pack up for a departure time of 6 in the morning for the annual camping trip..off to the french river till thursday…busy busy….

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