Lessons From Star Wars

A couple items from 10 things I have learned from George Lucas:

– Storm Trooper armor is purely cosmetic as it stops neither blaster fire nor little rocks thrown by teddy bears.
– Slaughtering children doesn’t necessarily make you an unappealing hero to children as long as you call the butchered kids, “younglings.”

Sedition concludes about the Star Wars saga:

But it seems like the story is all told; until Lucas decides it’s time to edit out the blasters and replace them with flashlights.

That reminded me of an excellent review I recently read of the Star Wars: Episode III DVD (the site is down as I write this):

STAR WARS: EPISODE III- Got the DVD and you know, I was wrong. It’s not a good movie…not even close. It really is close to being unwatchable…and I’m a STAR WARS fan man…I’m not bashing….but fuck, those last three were just shit balls….

5 Replies to “Lessons From Star Wars”

  1. Shit balls huh. Well, I suppose. They are pretty close to the anus.

    I don’t give a fuck. I am buying the stupid DVD cause I need it to complete the collection. Besides, I was quoted in the News Paper saying that I would purchase all six DVDs when available. Now, I can’t let the good people of Moncton and surounding area down can I? No. I have to go through with it.

  2. I picture Greg writing to the editor with something along the lines of “Why is everyone hating on star wars, you guys just don’t understand the cinematic depth of such a huge storyline, i will buy them all, and i own every action figure too!”


  3. I’m looking forward to watching the ORIGINAL Stars Wars when it was just called Star Wars, no episode nothing. Those were the good old days. (Still downloading.)

  4. I got Jody to pick up the Lightsaber Battle TV game for my son last time he was in Michigan. I am going to have Star Wars on my TV if I like it or not.

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