Letting It Out

Why do people try to hold sneezes in, so when it comes out a muffled honk is made? Man, you’ll liable to blow your head off doing that. When I sneeze, I sneeze; everybody knows when I sneeze. I don’t make a spectacle on purpose, but I don’t hold it in either; that seems dangerous.

2 Replies to “Letting It Out”

  1. A certain relation of Tommyboy’s used to hold his sneezes in all the time. The funniest thing. A big build-up for a sneeze would come, and then he’d plug his nose and turn it into a piddly little squeak. I had a girlfriend who did the same. She was Catholic. I wonder if it’s a Catholic thing.

  2. Someone at work does it all the time. I always want to shout: “My God, man! Let it out!” after his little squeak of a sneeze. All that energy… what a waste.

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