Licorice Panties You Can Make Yourself

licorice pantiesPanties With 302 Calories:

Always wanted a pair of edible panties? Been too embarrassed to buy them, or had no time for an extra shopping trip? […] The clever knitter can make her own pair in a jiffy for very low dough! The supplies can be picked up on a regular Friday errand route — chopsticks with the Chinese takeout, candy at the video store — and no one will be the wiser!

Like all fine lingerie, these panties are very delicate. Knit gently. If you need your L-string to last longer than a few hours before use, you will need to keep the panties moist. This can be accomplished by wrapping the panties in plastic, or for extended storage needs, spraying with a vegetable oil spray and then wrapping.

Material needed to make them:

  • Snack-Stop Red Laces [0 g fiber, but lots of corn syrup and even some carnauba wax; 8 yards per 2.25 oz/64 g package]; color: FD&C Red #40; 2 packages
  • 1 set chopsticks [sized to about a US#10.5/6.5 mm]

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