Light Switch Time Capsule

Light Switch Time Capsule is a cool idea the kids may enjoy:

I get nostalgic when I move out of a home, especially if it’s one I’ve lived in awhile. Leaving a secret treasure or two, stashed here and there, seems to help me get closure.

This Make project describes how to add a writeup “hidden” behind a light switch. They provide a template you can use too.

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  1. I guess that is more appealing then defecating on the living room floor…..kinda of a short term time capsule…

    I have a vendor who is a potter, and as he did renovations to his home over the years he would place pottery in amongst the insulation in the walls and floors. He moved from a place last year that he had been in for about 20 years….he figures there is about 200 pieces encased in his former home. Only about four or five of us know this. He wants it to be a complete suprise to whoever, whenever his little “treasures” are found.

    I am scratching,staining and leaving cryptic symbols and messages in the plaster and flooring of the bedroom and bathroom so that when”they” remove me from this palace I squat in the authorities will begin a search for the remains….I can only hope….

    I do like the this lightswitch method…….I could get the kids to write one up and put it in their bedroom switches….

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