Living On The Sea

Freedom shipThe Freedom Ship will be:

the world’s first mobile community. It would provide an international, cosmopolitan, full-spectrum, residential, commercial, and resort city that circles the globe once every three years…. The ship’s design would accept up to 40,000 full time residents, 30,000 daily visitors, 10,000 nightly hotel guests, and 20,000 full time crew.

An apartment in it will cost you from $180,000 to $44 million. It will contain: 3,000 commercial units, 10,000 hotel units, school systems, 100 acres of outdoor park facilities, with an airport sitting on top of it.

They posted their route with arrival and departure times already.

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  1. How the hell would you have a job on there? People would have to create business offices on there for people to work in.. I dunno.. If I had a billion dollars kicking around I would go live on there for a couple of years, just to experience it, but to live my life on there, I don’t think so.

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