Long-Distance Phone Plans In Atlantic Canada

old telephoneI changed my long-distance phone plan today. I use Primus, which had a much better rate than the competitors back in August, 2000 when I got it.

My old plan was The Dime Time MAX (which isn’t offered anymore):

  • $3.95 network monthly fee
  • 10 cents per minute evenings (6pm-8am) & weekends anywhere in Canada. Never
    pay more that $20 a month for up to 800 minutes. 10 cents per minute
  • 20 cents per minute for daytime calling in Canada (from 8am to 6pm).
  • 20 cents per minute flat rate to the US anytime.

My new plan: Truly International

  • 6 cents per minute in Canada and US anytime.
  • $4.95 total for network and monthly recurring charge.

Comparable plan from Rogers: Smart Plan

  • 5 cents per minute in Canada and US anytime.
  • $5.50 total for network and monthly recurring charge.

Comparable plan from Aliant: Simply Your Way

  • $5.95 network charge, plus:
  • $3.95/month if you choose 6 cents a minute
  • $1.95/month if you choose 10 cents a minute
  • No extra charge if you choose 15 cents a minute

We only call to Newfoundland and we don’t do that often. I usually don’t have more than 120 minutes per month in long-distance calling.

The Rogers plan has a better minute rate by 1 cent, plus I MAY get a discount from them since their my cable TV and internet provider. I’ll look into that.

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  1. Holy christ! What are we going to do? We go from my tomato plant video to your long-distance phone plan. SLOW DOWN! This is too much to digest in one day. Just take it easy, okay?!

    That reminds me, I have to cancel my long-distance plan. Seeing how I make many 10 minutes of long-distance calls a month, it’s just not worth it.

  2. yeah i was worried that once i get the market blog up an going that posting would be difficult…but once again steel white table has provided inspiration, guidance…and a superb example of what i must and can do…..my life would, is an empty void without the knowledge of phone bills and tomato plants…and of course now the pleasant thoughts of woody…

  3. I’ve got my long distance plan with eastlink as part of some bundle with them. So if I break up the bundle and get rid of long distance my rates will probably go up. So my plan is to get one of those 1000 minute calling cards for $10 and just use that. A total of 30 mins usage in a month on the “cheapest” plan that eastlink puts us on automatically costs us $10 because if network fee, bullshit fee, taxes and other bullshit fee. I’d rather pay $10 for a year of usage.

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