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Anything On Earth:

We specialize in custom acquisitions for individuals and corporations who wish to buy and sell, literally, Anything On Earth.
No item is too large, too small or too far out of the ordinary for us to locate. Many clients think their request is only an impossible dream, until we proudly deliver their desired item. We have searched for and located airplanes, islands, sports franchises, antiques of all descriptions, electronics, cars, jewelry, designer clothes and thousands of more items.

Update (Aug. 9, 2004): Darren Barefoot referred to this post, listing three things he’d like to be found. I never think to include small, amusing things like that in my posts. Here’s my list of things (in addition to Darren’s items, except the Han Solo doll):

  • The phone number I had growing up as a child (434-5750).
  • The Gretsch (I think) electric guitar I stupidly exchanged for a cheap bass guitar 20 years ago.
  • Some of the extroversion I had before puberty body-slammed me.

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