LotoMania – I’m Going To Win This Year

Every fall we buy tickets for the red cross lotomaniaLotoMania, a fund raising lotto for the Canadian Red Cross. They have a lot of prizes I don’t care for (movie passes, magazine subscriptions…), but it’s the cold-hard cash I want: they promote it as “Live Free for a Year!! Over $50,000 VALUE!”, which includes the movie passes. I’ll take the cash.

The only other charity-type organizations we contribute to is the SPCA and the La Leche League, I think.

7 Replies to “LotoMania – I’m Going To Win This Year”

  1. What! I thought you were going to give me a monsterous political donation for my campagin to be the big cheese….what am i going to do with the three dozen maquette monkeys, the 3 lbs of vasaline and 25 galleons of raspberrry jello….how can i have a campaign party without the basics….

  2. I just reread this post and am fighting images of lactating wild dogs…..I need therapy….nice that you give to such diverse organizations…..

  3. I won! A picnic basket arrived in the mail last week. I had no idea who it was from. It came with a portable cassette player; that is, a Walkman! Type my last name here to confirm my winning.

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