Making Blogging Easier For Phillip

Phillip emailed me the following:

i’m looking for a drag-and-drop method of adding images the swt image directory. or some way of selecting an image on the hard drive and uploading loading it without having to got through the hassle of opening filezilla and sorting through all the directories on the server.
how do you upload images?

I replied:

i use filezilla or worse
i’ll come up with something for you

“Worse” meaning for him, which is the command-line version of ftp.

I created a Windows batch file for Phillip that ftps all images in a folder to the server.

echo off
echo open > ftp.txt
echo username>> ftp.txt
echo password>> ftp.txt
echo cd website/images >> ftp.txt
echo bin >> ftp.txt
echo prompt >> ftp.txt
echo mput *.jpg >> ftp.txt
echo mput *.gif >> ftp.txt
echo bye >> ftp.txt
ftp -s:ftp.txt
del ftp.txt

But NOW he wants the program to copy the URL of the uploaded images to the clipboard, so he can just paste it into his post’s text. That can’t be done using standard Window’s commands, so I decided to create a program that does it. I started it today. It will ftp files AND copy the URL of those files to the clipboard or display them in a dialog so he can manually copy them. It should be done soon.

A programmer’s work is never done.

3 Replies to “Making Blogging Easier For Phillip”

  1. I’m almost reluctant to ask how goes the quest to find out why I can’t update WP for my blog :) We narrowed it down to you have control of the domain (or something to that effect) and wanted to know how to transfer it to me.

  2. blah blah blah blah…I feel like santa’s little helper on the simpsons…and no i do not want to know…if i do i can ask you or make a call to India….

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