Making Money

J-Walk has placed ads on his site:

Yes folks, it’s Google Adsense ads. The text-only ads are located in an inconspicuous area of this page, and they don’t detract from the overall design. I figure most people have trained their eyes to ignore ads, so it’s really not that big of a deal.

They’re almost hidden, and he’s donating his income to Whole Wheat Radio, but still…

I’ve debated doing this too, maybe saving enough to pay for hosting services and a domain name. I think I’ll look into now.

5 Replies to “Making Money”

  1. Do it, I didn’t even notice J-walk’s till I read about it in the comments. I won’t notice yours either. I know where the real content of the page is.

  2. I just noticed your ads — and they’re not flashy and ugly to look at, and I had to scroll down a bit to see them, so it’s no big. (I even clicked one of them.)

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