Mary Pratt “Jelly Shelf” Print

When will Mary Pratt‘s “Jelly Shelf” painting be released as a high quality print?

We already have one of her prints framed and mounted on a wall in our dining room area, and we love it. But we’ve been hoping to see the jars painting (as we’ve always called it) available as a print since we first saw it in person at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in 2005 (see my Rodin and Mary Pratt post). Seeing the painting on a 52 cent stamp is nice, but it might be the worst thing that could have been done to a painting that needs to be viewed in its full size to really get it. I wrote this after I saw it in Nova Scotia:

It looks like a photograph, but up close you can see the actual brush strokes. The effect of slowly walking back from the painting as it reveals itself is so dramatic, I don’t know what to tell you except that you have to see it to believe it…

I’ve written this post in the hopes that whoever owns the painting will realize that there is a market for a high quality print of it. I know I’d pay good money for it.

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  1. Glad you posted the prior link, I knew I’d seen it before and it was bothering me that I had no idea where.

    I don’t remember which bunch of Pratts it was, but me and my first girlfriend used to babysit one of their kids when I was in highschool.

  2. I saw this painting in The Rooms in St. John’s. It stopped me in my tracks and I just stood and stared at it. It could be my favourite work of art. My Mother volunteered at the AGNS sales and rental shop. She got me a print at the shop … I haven’t hung it yet but it’s lovely. Contact the shop and see what they can do for you.

  3. Phillip, OK now I feel like a dolt. As I said I haven’t hung it yet and just looked at it to see if there was a SKU. It’s not actually a print, it’s a poster of the Gallery show with Jelly Shelf as the draw. So I suppose technically it’s a print but not quite what I remembered and probably not what you’re looking for. So sorry for your trouble.

  4. I fell in love with Mary Pratt last week when I visited The Rooms. I wish there was a way to buy prints or posters! I love, love, LOVE the Jelly Shelf along with Christmas Turkey and a couple others. If anyone finds a place that sells her prints, I’m going to be their best customer!

    • Gina, I was just there on Sunday. What a beautiful place! Mary’s work is wonderful. I agree with your choices. I’ll get to see it all again at AGNS soon!

      • Oh how cool!! I was there last week! I came back to the states in Sunday and miss Newfoundland! I wish that Mary’s work would come to the states!

        I also liked the one with the three royal dalton pieces in a glass bowl on the table!

        • Yes. My friend’s mother had the same figurines!! I like her still lifes (lives?) better than her figures and don’t care for the carcasses at all. Her ‘light’ is amazing.

  5. I can’t remember if I already mentioned this, but I eventually bought a print of the Jars painting at the Rooms in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and as far as I know, it’s the only place the print was sold. They’re probably sold out by now, but here’s the link:

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