lead in toysMattel, the toy manufacturer, is recalling more products due to lead contamination. These are toys in my house.

A relative bought my kids some candy at a corner store recently. I noticed the candy was made in some Asian country; I threw it out, preferring kids who hate me for 15 minutes rather than dead ones.

Ah, ain’t capitalism grand?


  1. But you will note these products, as well as the poisoned dog and cat food killing pets earlier in the year, were made by Communists with only the most superficial pretense of capitalism. The more that government is involved in business, the less safe the consumer becomes because bad, corrupt, and dangerous businesses can only survive when protected, subsidized, and otherwise propped up by impenetrable bureaucracy. In that environment dangerous businesses become both invisible and a mortal lock to happen regularly.

  2. I agree with your assessment about the bureaucracy behind businesses, but I think their “communist” label is as much a pretense as capitalism is: communism, in practice, has never been achieved due to the members of their societies never agreeing to be equal with each other; someone always wants more.

    I wish people could just stop being greedy.

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