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4 Replies to “McCain Wins Presidency”

  1. I think if McCain wins, we will see riots and pandemonium that makes the LA riots look like a regular hockey fight. If the lazy democrat voters get out there and vote, then there shouldn’t be an issue. It isn’t really a popularity contest as it is a parties ability to get people to the polls.

  2. I agree with a commenter over at J-Walk’s blog: “I am overcome with joy that Americans are not as stupid as I feared they were. We have taken our country back, and we have a great leader to help us overcome the devastation left by the Bush years.” I’m not overcome with joy, but I’m glad to see the tide is finally turning.

  3. Riots?!?

    How about a national day of rejoicing? His acceptance speech was beautiful. Maybe 150 years from now school children will be memorizing parts of it like we do the Gettysburg address. I’m still in afterglow. This has been the most remarkable election in my memory.

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