Meet Puff Ball the Hamster

This is my daughter’s hamster, Puff Ball:

(photo removed cause I messed something up)

He’s about six months old now, which surprises me: I figured he (or her) would be dead by now.
A cat, dog, and a hamster. We had a fish once.

2 Replies to “Meet Puff Ball the Hamster”

  1. This has given me a trip down memory lane, were you involved in the shooting death (pellet gun) of a similar creature at Kevin A s house? I am certain you were there when he “supposedly” shot down a kite from his bedroom window on the school grounds behind his house…or perhaps as I enter my declining years I am now fabricating my former ones….

  2. I bought a trap a couple of weeks ago. I catch squirrels all the time now. I have thought of creative ways of destroying them. Drowning them in; lowering them slowly into an open flame; putting them in the freezer; air riffle. All kinds of cool ideas floating around in my head, but unfortunately, I just end up bringing them to the soccer field and letting them go.

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