1. great! wally is good…I had a favorite uncle named Walter….thanks for thinking of me….you know it is all about me…. just for reference…my dog is full grown and is around forty pounds and is considered slightly over weight…..oiy!

  2. I think the dog has eaten Jody’s keyboard ….already….mayby he has eaten Jody….

    geez evertime I look at the photos I am stunned….that is like the sasquatch of dogs…

  3. my adult dog is considered overweight at forty pounds….wally has equaled schooner in weight….what do you have for a vehicle jode, what are you transporting this “pet” in when it is an adult….

  4. Matrix! I planned this five years ago when I bought it: it has a high roof and a cargo area, which he’s used to now. When he’s an adult we won’t be able to any groceries or anything if he’s in the car, though.

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