This is a 10-minute review of the Commodore VIC-20. And I just watched the whole thing.

I had only one VIC-20 game cartridge, Omega Race, and I loved it. I also had Kongo Kong and Amok, both fun games for their time, much better than anything I ever saw on Atari. I eventually sold my VIC-20 for $100. Nice.


  1. Yeah, but then one of your friends (probably Scott) got a Commodore 64. After that you didn’t have anything to do with the VIC-20. I was given permission to sell it in the end. I used the $100 to help pay for a used Commodore 64, which cost me something like $300.

  2. I remember getting something from or scott that had a cassette player with it as a means of loading information…all computers are still like that right….I still remember playing prince of persia on a 286 thinking it cannot get better than this…..and what about colecovision whoo hoooo

  3. I had a VIC20 for about two weeks, just long enough to realize I should have bought a 64.
    Fortunately, the store accepted it back on trade, and I also bought a 1541 disk drive for it.
    Wow! I was stylin’!
    I still have all that equipment, including all the games, Plus, I still have the last of the line of Atari’s I owned which was a Mega STE with 4 big megs of ram.
    Good times back then.

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