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  1. We have a number in this region and one comes to the Market. They are known here as CSAs(Community Supported Agriculture). You pay for a share up front, like now and then enjoy the the vegetables as they come in season….you enjoy the bounty or famine..as the season progresses….in a way it gets the consumer closer to the the producer…many CSAs also have perks like free herbs or flowers and often will encourage visits to the farm…I have heard of some that will trade labour for a share…personally I think it is a great way to get involved in ones food supply….short of shooting, or running something over with your car, gutting it and bringing it home…..I had my first road kill baby deer last week…roasted in an outdoor wood oven…nothing says food like road kill….

    oh a share here is about 800 dollars or a half share around 500…thats canadian for all you international viewers…

  2. We paid $450 for 18 weeks of food, one large basket a week. They posted a basket example for the month of August:

    Large: large multicoloured carrots, cucumbers (lemon, English and Lebanese), large salad greens, garlic, Heritage tomatoes, selection of herbs, multicoloured beans, beets, mixed sweet peppers.

    Don’t know how much of each, but they say enough for a family. I’ll give any leftovers to my parents.

  3. Jenny and I have signed up to a veggie co-op for the past 2 years. Not as expensive as yours, though we probably don’t get as much as you. All of it organic. There’s another organic farmer in St. John’s who began selling at a tiny market last year. I prefer to got to the market and select what I want instead of having it all pre-selected for me (who the hell needs garlic scaps?). It’s all a bit expensive, but it’s generally very tasty veggies. I love fresh carrots.

  4. We have an organic store here in Gangneung. Korea is a small country so everything is more or less local. Expensive but I like food with no chemicals. They also have free-range meats and other produce like honey.

  5. Phillip my carrot guy here was able to pull carrots on January 7….due to the weather conditions the carrots got cold but did not freeze…they were the sweetest carrots I have ever eaten….it beacame a bit of a joke as word spread of these carrots people were coming to Market just to get these limited supply of root vegetable….kinda like an ice wine…yeah…

  6. Sorta related but not really: I have lots of garlic over from last year. It’s hanging in a bundle from the rafters of my garage; whenever you walk in there the pungent aroma of garlic hits you. It’s great! Steve is storing his motorcycle in there during the winter. ’nuff said.

  7. booo haa haa…ours started two weeks ago…sucker!

    although yours is a lot cheaper….booh ha ha on me…

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