More Books!

I haven’t posted about books I’ve read or purchased in a long time, and I know you all (i.e. Tommyboy) are wondering about it, so here you go:

I purchased the following last night because they were over 80% off their original price, and they’re all excellent books, I think.

I also bought Programming C# by Jesse Liberty, but that’s for work; I’m expensing it.

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  1. Ahhh thats better…some from off my shelf recently…

    The Imperfect Board Member by Jim Brown — reading for “work”
    Intelligence in War John Keegan — I normally enjoy anything by this author
    Canada in Afghanistgan Peter Pigott — trying to understand
    In Bad Taste Massimo Marcone — do not like the writing but the subject intrigues me —

    By The Time You Read This Giles Blunt — crime story with nice canadian canadian rebus
    The Road Cormac McCarthy — I am concerned that this was an oprah pick and feel dirty now for reading it

    The following are both young adult novels which are each part of a series…I often find these type of books written better then the off the shelve fluff i read before going to sleep….

    Montmorency and the Assassins Elanor Updale
    Bloody Jack, Being an Account of the Curious Aventures of Mary “Jacky” Faber Ships Boy L.A.Meyer

    oh yeah and on a trip recently i went into a chapters…and I bought multiple copies of a hardcover book about the photographer who accompanied the shackleton expedition…price for each book…..1.14 plus tax…sooo sad….but good for me and those i gave the books to….

  2. I’m reading “The Island of the Colorblind” by Oliver Sacks. I stole it from your house. I wasn’t sure I’d care for it, but he’s a good writer. He knows how to make things interesting. Being colourblind myself (or colour-deficient; I prefer colourblind), it’s cool to hear someone talk about the advantages of colourblindness, that is, the difference is perception as NOT a deficiency.

    The most common form of colourblindness is with green and red, and I’ve always wondered why the hell those two colours would be chosen universally for stop and go with traffic lights — and on/off for battery chargers, etc. I have no problems with traffic lights, but those tiny lights on battery chargers are nearly impossible for me to read.

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