More Daylight Savings Time (Great)

I just read that the U.S. wants to extend daylight savings time:

It would mean people would turn their clocks forward one hour on the first weekend of March [instead of April] and “fall back” on the final weekend in November [instead of October].

It’s supposed to save energy, but really it’s the answer to the question we’ve all been asking: “How can they make Daylight Savings Time an even bigger pain in the ass?”

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  1. Approaching the energy crisis as if it’s still 1905 and the biggest energy consumer is light bulbs…. real smart.

  2. Why is it a big pain in the ass?

    I’m glad for it, I want to get out of winter mode as soon as possible. I hate leaving work at 4:00pm and it’s almost dark out. Hate it!

    If there were a real energy crisis then there would be household and corporate limits on consumption.

  3. Read the article. It’s going to create more headaches. Put the clocks ahead, or put them back, but it should be just one set time and leave it at that.

  4. I did, I don’t see the pain in the ass. I see it from a political point of view, obviously screwing up the synchronization would be badish. I dunno. We work with americanos in eastern time and we’re atlantic time, it doesn’t really affect us that much. Actually, it gives us a morning break, not having meetings before 9am our time and stuff.

    I agree, we should just stick to one time and that’s it. Boohoo for the little children walking to school on more slippery roads in the dark. If they’re too stupid to skip all of school or invent teleporters then to hell with them! Canada is too densely populated anyhow.

  5. Stick to one time zone, and then let things like schools change their times. “oh it’s winter, now we’re on winter school time, and go to school at 9:00 instead of 8:00”

    then no one has to worry about fucking with their clocks all the time.. :/

      • You over-estimate human intelligence. Think about the cretins you see walking around sobeys, these are the below average and average intelligence humans. Barely able to buy groceries. Changing the time they have to get out of bed would be catastrophic.

  6. The thing that pisses me off is that my computer, my pda, my watch and my new alarm clock all adjust themselves when daylight savings time comes around. Messing with that schedule makes these useless. Cuz now I’ll have to manually change them in March, they’ss readjust themselves in April (forcing another manual change), then they’ll readjust in October (another manual change) and then another change in November. Technology! Next, they’ll be moving the date for leap years.

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