“Motorcycle” Or “Motorbike”

I took a motorcycle safety course a few weeks ago, then got my license. Yesterday I bought $650 worth of riding gear: jacket, helmet, gloves, and boots.

My experienced biking friends recommend I get a used dual-purpose (i.e. it can be legally ridden on streets and trails) motorcycle, something that can take abuse. A friend graciously let me borrow his 1999 Yamaha XT 225, which is fun to ride, but I have little interest in taking it off road. I like cruising style bikes, like the Honda Shadow or the Kawasaki Vulcan. I’m not interested in power or speed; comfort is the most important criteria.

By the way, “Motorcycle” wins the popularity contest according to Google Fight.

8 Replies to ““Motorcycle” Or “Motorbike””

  1. jody i just read an article about these scooters in one of the many motorcycle porn magazines i am now drawn to … it was this months edition…the thing is a 650 kinda blurs the line between bike and motorbike…this aint your mamma’s vespa….

  2. check out that honda site, its the silver wing…actually I kinda like the big rukus…but not a lot Im in love with my beeemer….

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