Motorcycle Repair

Dan’s Online Motorcycle Repair Course:

I’m not going to claim that this course will train you as well as a formal Motorcycle school. But then again it is FREE. Which is more than I can say for several, State run, EXPENSIVE Junior College’s I know of…
I will try to take you from knowing nothing about Motorcycle Repair to being able repair your own and others Motorcycles.

It’s a useful resource if you can ignore the author’s Christian and Republican propaganda.

4 Replies to “Motorcycle Repair”

  1. Man, I am all about the Christian and Republican propaganda. Sign me up… You must be really getting into the motocycle stuff. I say good for you if gets you away from the computer… Still, I’d be nice if you’d answer maybe one of my emails every now and then, and maybe upload that MP3 file I sent you. That’d be nice.

  2. I did upload that file and have been responding to your emails. I’ve been wondering why you haven’t responded to MY emails.

    Something’s fishy in Denmark…

  3. I don’t believe you. It’s been a least a week since I got an email from you, not even in my bulk folder. Switch over to my Gmail address and see what happens — and let me know exactly what directory you put the file in.

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