Motorcycles Have Fuses

My motorcycle died the other day. I was in the passing lane of the causeway (near the same place I almost crashed into a dump truck), when the bike suddenly lost power – it just died. I coasted to the side of the road, then checked the obvious stuff: gas, kill switch, oil… all okay.

I called a local repair, who picked the bike up and brought it to their shop. They said the original 30 year old fuses finally gave out, so he replaced all of them. 30 bucks.

I wonder what other 30 year old parts on it are about to give away?

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  1. i think steve was right…the mental capcities are begining to wane..and it appears that terrets syndrome may be appearing….

    jody, thirty bucks…what a bargin…i just finished paying the bill for last year on the beemer…shock, tire, steering bushing..and other assorted items….1400…esssh…i have just finished eating the bill so my wife does not find it….when she asks where all the money is i tell her drugs and porn…she shrugs….but if told her it was for the motorcycle she would make me sell my toy….was out today…was great….yeah and i WILL get you a picture of the “new one” it is only 33 years old….

  2. I was going to last year for the “ashes” event and then i was going to this year in june before brudder went to winnipeg…but i bought that other bike so that sucked up my travel budget…hopefully summer 2008…that is if the trip to syria does not pan out….

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