I’ve been using Mozilla’s browser (i.e. Firefox) for a long time; its tabbed windows features is convenient, it blocks popup windows, and it has never crashed on me.

However, Firefox’s latest version has been running slow on my system, taking a long time to download pages; so I decided to try MyIE2, an Internet Explorer-based browser that has the same features as Firefox and it’s free. I’ve been using it for a few weeks with no complaints.

I’ll go back to using Firefox once they produce a release that doesn’t bog down my system.


  1. I didn’t like the way firefox handled a lot of pages. it changed the font on one page i frequented, and i could never get the font on that page to change, no matter what font i changed in firefox prefs. I had to give up on it, cause i couldn’t handle reading my page that way. http://forums.planetice.net if you wanna try it in IE and in firefox, and you’ll see the diff. MyIE2 was OK, but i didn’t like it’s popup blocking. I found too many things got through for no reason, and it tended to crash a fair bit. I’m back to using Opera now, and it’s great. no need for any menus at ALL besides my list of links across the top, and a row of tabbed browsing windows. absolutely no interface at all, because mouse gestures kick ASS when you get used to them. I can’t handle browsing without them anymore.

  2. IE doesn’t use style (CSS files) standards well, where as Mozilla does. I don’t know about Opera. That link you provided specifies an “x-small” font size for the page’s body and TD element, which Firefox appears to be using.

    I used to use Opera but Firefox did everything I wanted well enough for me, and now MyIE works for me, too.

    I tried using mouse gestures when Opera first started to implement them, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. Maybe I’ll give them another go.

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