There was music every place we went in Cuba. Most of it was from live bands like these guys in Havana and it was all good.

(This is a small band compared to the guys who did the rounds at the resort in Varadero.)

If I ever go back to Cuba, I’ll make sure to get a hotel in Havana and stay there for at least two days so I can take in the culture — mainly the music. I’ve never been a big fan of Cuban music. I have the Buena Vista Social Club album like everybody else and I hardly ever listen to it. Experiencing Cuban music first hand, though, gives me a new appreciation for it. That music is jumping. It’s alive.

But it has some serious moments of pathos too. For instance, we stopped at a roadside joint on our way to Havana to use the washroom and chug down the best 9am Pina Colada I’ve ever tasted, and of course there was a band. Here they are singing a pathos-filled song about Che Guevara:

And here’s what they sounded like as we walked back to the bus after taking photos of some mocking birds:

I’ll post other sounds from Cuba as soon as I can.

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