3 Replies to “My Christmas Wish List (2008)”

  1. world peace and one…no two… of those giant nerf machine guns…..

    I do not need anything…got a full belly and the love of a good woman….eeesh I gotta go to bed..up too late baking…checking the site while waiting for chocolate coating to cool….

  2. I had $175 in Futureshop money, so I picked up a tomtom GO 920 for myself, but I am not allowed to use it til the 25th.

    Has North American and West Europe maps.

    I am done. Oh, I need nice warm slippers and a Hugh Hefner smoking jacket. I wear sneakers around the house now.

  3. I don’t need a thing, but I love your list. So, I guess I wouldn’t say no to the scotch and the cake. I don’t wear boxers and I just bought 6 pairs of identical black socks. My usual Target winter buy.

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