My Google Adsense Revenue

I learned from J-Walk that Google AdSense changed their confidentiality agreement. From paragraph 7 of Google AdSenseTM Online Standard Terms and Conditions:

You may accurately disclose the amount of Google’s gross payments to You pursuant to the Program.

My paltry revenue:

  • October, 2004: $11.90
  • November, 2004: $7.72
  • December, 2004: $6.43
  • January, 2005: $6.53
  • February, 2005: $6.65
  • March, 2005: $7.92

Total: $47.15

Google doesn’t give out checks until you reach $100 (U.S.).

7 Replies to “My Google Adsense Revenue”

  1. I click one of ads from time to time when I think of it. You’ve probably made most of your money from me. (Ha-ha.)

  2. My sites are doing quite a bit better than that (without breaking the TOS and self-clicking) and my visitor traffic is pretty comparable to yours.

    I’d suggest using a smaller format and putting it above the fold. Maybe the 120×240 right under “popular links.”

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but the ads here are unobtrusive for a reason: I hate them. I hate them on other sites, and I don’t like seeing them on mine. I put them there as an experiment to see what kind of revenue they would generate, and most people don’t even notice them (obviously, given the amount I’m making on them). I know, this is a tad hypocritical, but I’m comfortable with keeping them there, almost hidden as they are.

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