Things we gotta do around the house this summer:

  • Finish painting back room, then screw in coat hooks into that wall.
  • Hang photos and paintings around the house.
  • Get windows coverings (drapes, whatever).
  • Paint window edges.
  • Create garden boxes for main garden.
  • Create box or something for the garden right by the garage (along the fence).
  • Cleanup and box the strawberry and blueberry garden.
  • Fix fence in the back; there’s swampy land there that’s causing the fence to lean over.
  • Install gutter around back and front of house; it’s one of the reasons why the basement is damp; the water isn’t draining far away from the house.
  • Fix the door step as you enter the front door; it’s too high.
  • Finish painting the doors in the bedrooms.
  • Get new mailbox.

Things we want to do in the house:

  • Renovate bathroom. Cost estimate: $5000.
  • Renovate kitchen. Cost estimate: $5000.
  • Get secondary heat source. I prefer something that isn’t dependent on electricty, like a wood stove. What else is there? Cost estimate: $2000.
  • Build wall in foyer: Cost estimate: $400.
  • Replace carpet upstairs with hardwood or laminate. Cost estimate: $2000.
  • Install ceiling lights in the living room, two bedrooms, and the TV area. Every room except the kitchen requires damn lamps you have to plug-in.
  • Build or buy shelving for the closets in the kids’ rooms, the linen closet, and the coat closet at the top of the stairs.

I’m going to work on a budget soon, determining how much we’re saving per pay week and how long it will take to save up for the above; we’re not borrowing any more money; it’s too nerve-racking for me living with direct debt (that doesn’t include mortgage, although I obviously don’t like that either).

I figure it’ll take 10 years to get it all completed.


  1. You can buy nice garden boxes from Home depot for about $25.

    I have to finish my basement (laundry room (add a toilet and sink)) and (storage area (add shelves)).

  2. I don’t want something you fill dirt in with. I already have the gardens; I just need a sturdy border around them to keep animals (i.e. kids) out. I think I’m going to build boxes using 2x8s.

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