My Motorcycle Is New Again

I picked my ’78 Honda 550k motorcycle today after it spent a week at the shop. It needed a new rear tire (you could see the threads), plus the shifter gasket was replaced, and standard stuff was adjusted: valves, carbs… [insert engine lingo].

It runs BEAUTIFULLY now: quieter and smoother. Having a good mechanic work on a motorcycle is like getting a new bike in the end.

Irishtown Cycle did the work. Highly recommended. He’s an independent guy out in the boonies, but he knows what he’s doing and he does it for a reasonable price. I phoned Toys For Big Boys, a Honda motorcycle dealer, before taking the bike to Irishtown, since they’re a lot closer and they’re an “official” Honda dealer, but they were hesitant about working on my 1978 bike, saying it would probably cost a LOT.

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  1. I’ve spent a fair bit on maintaining my ’78 Kz400 even with using independent shops. Most recently I had the tires, chain and sprockets replaced; carbs, brakes and clutch adjusted; valve clearances inspected; safetied – for a grand total of $650 after tax.
    Ouch… I only paid $1,200 for the bike.

  2. i’m doing a report on my 78 honda 550k, for school, and trying to rebuild it at the same time. Any info you could give me on shops, parts, or basic knowlage would be greatly appriciated. i’m dealing with limited means but pleanty of time. I am having an extremely difficuilt time finding parts. my honda is currently runing, but in need of a rebuild. it sounds like you’ve got yours going good.

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