My new name prefix and suffix: Captain Jody Cairns the 1st

I registered on a site today that gave me two options I never encountered before:

  • Prefix/Title (not new) options such as Pastor, Dean, Earl, Dr… I choose “Captain“.
  • Name Suffix such as Esq, PHD, Jr… I choose “1st“, although I’m thinking “Esq” would’ve been better now.

Name prefix and suffix options

5 Replies to “My new name prefix and suffix: Captain Jody Cairns the 1st”

  1. I always choose Dr. when given the option. (By the way, I think you can capture your images at a lightly higher resolution than that. I looked at the image and thought my eyes were starting to go.) I used to get mail with Professor before my name at the university. Alas, that was the closest I got to becoming a professor, which is more than close enough for me.

    UPDATE: Don’t expect me to start calling you “sir” now that you’re a captain.

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