My Pants Are Falling Down

nerd beltI forgot to wear a belt today. I’m pulling my pants up every minute when I walk around. What office supplies can I make for a belt? Maybe an old mouse cord.

I should have a coffee before I leave the house in the morning, instead of leaving 15 minutes after I wake up (5-10 minutes for shower, 5 minutes to get dressed, if that).

3 Replies to “My Pants Are Falling Down”

  1. shoelaces work too, if you’re one of those wierd people that keeps a spare set of shoes at work…

    i have a dongle here at my desk that would make a nice belt buckle for a shoelace too.

  2. Mug used an extension chord once, and he walked around the office saying “quit pullin’ my chord” and pointed at his makeshift belt.

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