My Parent We’re Married 40 Years ago Today

Phillip’s in Foxtrap, Newfoundland celebrating my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary with the WHOLE family tonight. That’s him with Aunt Liddy and Dad. I know he’s having a GREAT time.

aunt liddy, phillip, and dad in foxtrap

And here is the blissful couple:

mom and dad in foxtrap on 40th

2 Replies to “My Parent We’re Married 40 Years ago Today”

  1. Boy, you got those photos quick. Yeah, it was a frigging horror show. Remember the band in the movie “Sling Blade”? Well, once they started playing, with the added bonus of someone playing the spoons to every “song,” I got the hell out of there. The horror. The horror…

  2. Your dad looks great jody…i remember being in the diesel of doom your dad singing away to some stones tune…me thinking where is the Jim Reeves…

    I have to cater my inlaws 40th this Sunday its only for 30 people and they are like Ward and June Cleaver soo it should be okay

    phill looks like he’s having great time…sneaking a peek of ole aunt liddy…

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