My Resolutions

I went to bed around 11pm last night, thinking how I used to stay up and party for this annual event, but I’m too old and lazy now to care about it. So while trying to go to sleep I thought about what I’ll be doing this new year:

  • Drink two cups of coffee every morning.
  • Post to SWT irregularly.
  • Drink scotch.
  • See a movie every few months.
  • Raise my kids to be nice and wise.
  • Shave once-a-week or less.
  • Get a haircut once a year.

My one goal: get a Newfoundland dog. We may build a house, too.

5 Replies to “My Resolutions”

  1. Yup: no changes. I would like to have more (than the existing none) emergency savings, start an RESP for our son, start using solar power… but I can’t commit to those, hence I didn’t mention them.

  2. we are lovin the toller… a newfie dog eeesh thats a big bundle of fun…nice dogs though…obviously you must have a yard…build a house…how come? you no like where you live…

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